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I feel like people who really want to understand being british should watch Blackadder.

I mean

people seem to think

we’re this super polite country

who drinks tea and eats crumpets

and spend all our time worshiping the monarch

but really we’re all twats

who speak with so much sarcasm you’ve no idea what we’re saying

Also it’s the best show ever made and has rowan atkinson so it ain’t a bad watch either.

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30 Days Challenge: Day 14 (favorite kiss)

"Go on !", Professor Archimedes Porter (Tarzan)

I love this kiss. Not only because the scenery and the colors are beautiful, but also because of the meaning of it. Jane’s always been a good girl: she’s a single woman, who’s always been living with her old father, a professor, so she must be cultivated, with a great future ahead. She’s the kind of girl who follows the rules. But that’s not who she really is, that’s what she’s supposed to be according to society. The real Jane Porter is an adventurous artist. The main difference between England and the jungle is that in the jungle, she can be her true self, and furthermore, with the man she loves.

But she can’t stay because she’s never done any crazy thing in her life - and you can tell that just seeing her giggling after kissing Tarzan, all of this is new to her - and she’s afraid of the unknown. But when her father tells her that nothing can stop her from staying, she realizes that she truely has the opportunity to choose to be herself over what she’s supposed to be. So when she jumps, she’s not only happy because she will stay with Tarzan. She’s happy that she gives herself the right to stop being the studious perfect girl, and start being Jane Porter. So there she is, taking her own destiny in her own hands, freeing her hair and jumping in the water because she wants to, not because she has to. She laughs because she is going to kiss the man she loves, and because she is going to live the life she chose for herself, and from now on, no one will be able to stop her. 

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